Saturday, February 19, 2011

Email to the Support Team of CoD Black Ops

I was so mad after playing Black Ops again (after a month long break), I decided to email them:

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm not usually one to complain, but holy crap, who ever was in charge of designing the maps for Black Ops needs to either:
a).  Be killed.  Immediately.
b).  Go back to school, preferably in a different focus.
c).  Be fired.
I'd suggest the first or last one.  Seriously though, do the designers even play video games?  Or are they blind?  If they are blind, I'm glad that you employ handicapped people, but maybe you shouldn't have them designing game levels.  

What's wrong with the maps?
1). No choke-points.  I know some little kids complained about Modern Warfare 2 having chokepoints, but those are needed for being able to hold a position.  With out them, we've got people spawning in the worst possible areas. Players need to constantly turn around in circles because -- wouldn't you know it -- people spawn behind them constantly.   Here's how you fix it:  add choke points.  Simple.
2). Color scheme.  Who ever picked the color scheme for the levels is a complete idiot.  Let's not even try to water it down.  You can spot a soldier a mile away, not matter what his camouflage is.  I swear, if I'm playing again and I snipe some one from across the map one more time, I'm going to lose it.  Here's how to fix it:  certain things just need to be similar colors to camouflage.  I'm not saying make the buildings the same color as the camouflage, but player's shouldn't be able to spot each other a mile away.  Modern Warfare 2 did a good job about this, especially with the use of fog (which I guess your development team completely forgot about).
3).  Some levels are too small.  Nuke town.  Nuke town.  Nuke town.  Who ever make Nuke Down deserves to be castrated, because he (or she) should not be creating offspring.  Get rid of this map completely and never talk about it again.  You can't fix this map, its simply awful.

Thank you for your time.  If you actually read this, +2 points.

And no, I'm not the one that always dies.  I'm usually the one that gets 29 kills with a 2:1 k:d ratio.  Why do I get such good ratios?  Because the guns are overpowered as fuck.  I've actually started "quick scoping" (using the L96A1 with a ACOG scope) so that the game is actually challenging.


  1. I bet they've received a LOT of negative feedback. Game sucks.

  2. I didn't mind Black Ops as much as everybody else seemed to....Nuketown is small, but it's a lot bigger than stupid freaking maps like warehouse or rust from the last two games. I like the unique feel of it.

    But other maps are definitely frustrating to play on. I can never seem to get good K/D ratios (or even FIND enemies) on a lot of the maps.

  3. Yeah, Rust was awful. It was only good if you were playing splitscreen on local play.

  4. LOL
    Ok, some of the maps are far from the best, but damn dude, thats a rough email

  5. I don't really mind the maps (even got used to Nuketown) in Black Ops, although it is annoying that in certain maps all the combat tends to be focused in one area - the building in Array and the cabins in Jungle come to mind.

    Then again it depends on your play style and loadouts - I use SOH and Ghost pro with a suppressed Commando but use it as a run 'n' gun class. I think snipers definitely have it hard but that method has never really interested me.

    The only thing I truly hate about the game is the s**tty servers, about 30% of my matches do not reach the end.

  6. I think they should add civilians into each game, so when you pick ghost you are dressed as a civ.. So camo would have a purpose. I'm thinking stadium would work best with this idea

  7. Haha, I agree with the shit about the maps. followed, btwz.

  8. I only played this once and it was cool. I played 1vs1 though.

  9. I have to say, I prefer smaller maps to larger ones. But that might be because im an oldschool Halo 2 gamer at heart. Black Ops is decent though. Sweet blog man, following!