Thursday, February 10, 2011

End of Episode Four

Yup, the fourth chapter/episode is done and gone, and boy was it a level to remember.  With a title like "The Truth," you'd think you'd get more answers than questions, but I'm as confused as ever.

With the close of the fourth day of playing the game, and the fourth chapter done, I feel pretty good about how much gameplay Alan Wake has to offer.  For one, there's a harder mode I'm going to want to beat once I'm done, and second, there are manuscripts you can find and pick up.  So far, I'm finding about 75% of them per episode, but I really want to know the whole story -- and that's what the manuscripts provide.  Each manuscript contains a bit of the story that either foreshadows what's going to happen, or provides background into something you didn't experience.

Anyways, I've still got the next level to go: "The Clicker."


  1. What a game Alan Wake is! I enjoyed it as no other game (well, it's on a tie with Red Dead Redemption) The camera works, the graphics, the plot is mind blowing. If you are going to play the second DLC let us know what is happening. I'm really curious.

    Will follow and support your blog: