Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alan Wake: Review

Game Review of Alan Wake: 8/10

For those who are looking to pick up a good cheap game, Alan Wake might be what your are looking for. The game offers a great plot and plenty of downloadable content to keep you busy. I know I'm going to be playing it again. The graphics look great and the characters feel real. It's a shame that the game's release date fell on the same day that Red Dead Redemption was released.

However, there are the downsides to the game: the action feels slightly repeatative. You have to use your flashlight over and over and over again. You pretty much use the flashlight constantly. That would be ok, except most of the time, the auto aim tries to help you out by pointing at one enemy -- which makes your flashlight only hurt one enemy at a time.

The other downside of the game is how scared the developers were at having the player try to figure things out. The message "they can only be defeated in the light" is repeated like a commercial slogan. You'd think I'd understand that they can only be defeated in the light after, oh, I don't know... The first level?

If you can look past those two downfalls, then Alan Wake might just be the game for you to pass the time with. It offers some great gameplay and leaves with a great story.


  1. It seems like Game Developers are trying to hold your hand through everything now-a-days. I began playing Dead Space 2... save points... save points EVERYWHERE, auto save features everywhere. Alan Wake sounds great though, gonna start playing it tonight probably.

  2. I might have to try this out, after reading it looks quite a fun game!

  3. Been following these articles for a while, asked if AW was available on xbox - it is! Buying now...