Thursday, March 10, 2011

Midterms and Minecraft

Sorry everyone, I haven't been able to review or play any games for quite a while due to midterms.  The only game I've played is Minecraft, and I'd rather not bore everyone with a review about that or what I've done in the game since there are entire blogs dedicated to it.

However, for anyone interested, I have started modding Minecraft.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Condemned: Criminal Origins

To compliment the childish gameplay of Viva Pinata, the next game I'm going to look back on is Condemned: Criminal Origins.  I remember when I first got this game three years ago, I played it about three times in a row -- in short, I loved this game.  Let's see how I feel about the game after about a year of not playing it.  Will it be worth the money?

I'm pretty confident it would be well worth the purchase since it's only $16 NEW.  Used, you can find it for as cheap as $3.

Here's the run down of the game:  You play as a detective investigating a series of murders.  You'll soon find yourself pitted against violent, unpredictable criminals with -- if you're lucky -- a gun or -- if you're unlucky -- a crowbar, a 2x4, or anything else you can find.  You'll also get to use forensic tools during the game.

Thus begins my journey into this terrifying psychological thriller.